About Surve

Curve the hassle

Bringing much needed change to an old-hat industry

Surve came into fruition as a result of all the issues car owners encounter when trying to find honest, high quality and reliable service.

Surve is a mobile on-demand platform that eliminates the hassle of having maintenance performed on our vehicle from traditional car shops and dealerships.

The benefit of using our service is that you are in control of what gets done and where it gets done. You select the specific services you need and the location that is most convenient for you! Our vetted technicians can perform services in your garage, on your driveway, while you shop at the mall, or while you work.

Going into traditional mechanic shops and dealerships is often inconvenient and time consuming. From getting over-charged, to not understanding what you are getting charged for, to waiting unreasonable amounts of time; these visits are what all car owners dread! So choose Surve for your next oil change, tire service, or general maintenance appointment and let us give you your valuable time back.

Say good-bye to being over charged at traditional shops and dealerships
Good riddance to not understanding what you are getting charged for
No more long and inconvenient waits
You decide when and where you want you service delivered

Why Choose Us

Some of the many reasons why you need to book your next maintenance service with Surve


All Surve technicians are highly vetted and trained.

Guaranteed services

All our services are part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Transparent pricing

Know exactly what you are paying for before confirming the service.


Surve technicians show up whenever and wherever you need the service completed.

User friendly app

Our phone app makes ordering services easy. All you service records and receipts will be organized and stored securely in the Surve app.

High Quality service

Surve strives to provide high quality services to all our customers.

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