Oil changes, tire services, vehicle detailing
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What We Do

All oil services include filters & fluid top-ups and a 21-point inspection. In addition to your oil change, we provide various other services as listed below.
All our services are part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't happy with the service we'll do the job for free.

Oil changes

Surve will take care of your vehicle by ensuring your engine oil and oil filter is changed to your manufacturer specifications.

Tire services

Seasonal tire swaps
Tire Storage
Mount and balancing

Detailing services

Interior rub and scrub
Interior vacuuming
Interior shampoo and shine

Why oil changes are important

Your vehicle’s oil is basically the livelihood of the engine. Ensuring proper lubrication helps each one of the engine’s moving parts work smoothly together while protecting them from any undue damage.

In addition to the oil, your oil filter should be changed regularly, otherwise your fresh new clean oil will not be able to make its way into the engine. Fortunately, Surve’s transparent pricing includes the required litres of engine oil and a brand-new filter with every service.

Regular oil changes is the most important maintenance service you can perform to ensure your engine continues to run properly. If you notice any oil or other fluids beneath your vehicle, it is imperative that you schedule a diagnostic inspection immediately. It is highly recommended you do not drive your vehicle with low engine oil as you could severely and potentially permanently damage your engine.

Changing your oil according to your vehicle’s specific maintenance schedule will ensure longevity of your engine, save you money, and most importantly, save you the stress over the lifetime of your vehicle.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Surve's Guarantee

All our services are part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't happy with the service we'll do the job for free.

Our oil change services take roughly 30 minutes once your Surve technician arrives on site.

Refer to beginning of this page for all services that are offered by Surve.

We use synthetic oil for all our services as we are a premium mobile vehicle service company.

Feel free to reach out to Surve via email or phone, a Surve rep can talk to you about your issues and if required we can send out a technician for diagnostics.

As long as your vehicle is accessible, Surve techs can perform most services in any parking lot or your driveway or street.

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